About Frill Shop

Hello and Welcome!.

Frill Shop Limited is a small, family business that started in January 2011 mainly by chance. We never intended it to become as successful as it has become but are very pleased that it has, and is now a full time business.

All this came about when, after my daughter was born, people would comments like: “how old is he?” when she was very clearly a girl. So I set about looking for some headbands that she could wear that would help people to know she was a girl. It was not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, the items I was looking for I could only get in bulk quantity. We made the smallest bulk order possible and sold off the extras! The rest is history as they often say and because in the process of all this I had become completely enthralled with baby accessories and clothing it just continued and Frill Shop grew from there.

We now have two girls and the search for special items continues which we are very happy to share with you through our site. We have thousands of products to choose from and we hope you find what you’ve been looking for. If not, we’d love to hear from you as we are constantly working to provide what our customers need or want.

We can not thank you, our customers, enough for your support. We hope this shows at least to some degree in the friendly and reliable service we strive to provide.

It’s amazing how a little “frill” brings so much enjoyment and smiles to little faces and adults alike. At Frill Shop, there is nothing more satisfying to us than knowing our frills have helped brighten someones day.

Thank you again for shopping with us!